Dekalog - Blu-Ray Disc | Krzysztof Kieslowski

Dekalog - Blu-Ray Disc | Krzysztof Kieslowski


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Ten-part Polish drama series by Krzysztof Kieslowski based on dramatic representations of the Ten Commandments. In 'Dekalog 1' a tragedy occurs when a man trusts some incorrect weather information. 'Dekalog 2' concerns a dying man and his wife's extra-marital pregnancy. 'Dekalog 3' sees a taxi driver help an ex-girlfriend on Christmas Eve. 'Dekalog 4' has a young woman discover that the man she always believed to be her father is not in fact biologically related to her. 'Dekalog 5' follows what happens when a young man murders a taxi driver. In 'Dekalog 6' a young man grows infatuated with a worldly girl. 'Dekalog 7' has a mother and daughter struggle in a battle of wills. 'Dekalog 8' sees past sins picked over as a means to survive. 'Dekalog 9' finds an impotent husband wrestling with his wife's unfaithfulness. Finally, 'Dekalog 10' concerns two brothers who are drawn into a bitter feud over a legacy.

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